Kellie & Vlad

Kellie & Vlad – April 30, 2011

Brides Name:  Kellie Goettsch

Grooms Name: Vladimir Pavlov

Wedding Date: April 30, 2011

Wedding Location: Vintner Grill

Number in Bridal Party: 2, best man and maid of honor

Number of Guests: 30

Wedding Colors or Theme: Colors were black, white, and “spring” green, the theme was classic vintage inspired by old black and white movies of the 1930s and 1940s

When and how did you meet?

Vladimir Pavlov and Kellie Goettsch met in June of 2008 at a local IT company, where Kellie used to work. He was, and still is, a network engineer, and she was working in their accounting department. “Vlad first reached out to me with a hello message on Facebook, and it intrigued me because I recognized his name from our phone list at work. His name always caught my eye because it sounded Eastern European,” Goettsch said, “I had never met him before at work because he was constantly on the road traveling, but when I found out he was from Bulgaria, like my great grandfather, I was immediately interested and wanted to know more about him.” Goettsch really liked the fact that he reached out to her first, and once they began seeing each other outside of work, his self confidence, manners, and sense of style really impressed her. “For a guy, he dresses very well, and I always thought that maybe it’s because of his European sensibility. Almost 4 years later and we are now married, and nearing our first year wedding anniversary,” said Goettsch.

How did he propose?

He proposed in late April of 2010, the day started out kind of rough because we were supposed to go hiking at Mt. Charleston with our dog, but when we arrived, there was still too much snow covering the mountain and blocking the trails we wanted to hike. So we left Mt. Charleston and decided to try hiking at Red Rock Canyon instead. That ended up working out great and it was such a beautiful day. We hiked around a little lake behind the Spring Mountain State Park and took a bunch of pictures. At one spot Vlad asked another hiker if he could take our picture, and before I knew it, he got down on one knee and popped the question! I was totally shocked and had no idea that this was going to happen! It was an amazing surprise and the hiker was able to take a candid picture of us at that moment. We really lucked out that there was even another person around to take our photo. It was totally a random moment and Vlad took advantage of it. The ring was beautiful and there were definitely tears after the whole thing. It was the best day ever!

How did you decide on the date? Did venue or date have any significance to you?

Vlad and I had been engaged for almost a year. We were putting off the wedding until we could get his parents to fly to Las Vegas from their home country of Bulgaria in Eastern Europe. This would be their first time to the United States and it was all very exciting for them to come here and see where we live and meet my parents for the first time. In January of 2011 we decided we wanted to get married before the hot Vegas summer so we decided to book a date in the spring when the weather would be nice.

The venue we chose, Vintner Grill, was suggested to me by my grandmother. I had eaten there before, and the food is amazing, especially for foodies like my husband and I. Once she told me about it, I was immediately sold, because not only is the food excellent, but the restaurant is so cool and unique. The atmosphere makes you feel like you aren’t in Vegas anymore. All of the restaurant décor is black, white and green, which is exactly the same colors I wanted for my wedding, and it has that vintage and intimate feel that I was looking for in a venue. I also liked the flat screen TVs that play different black and white movies from the 1930s and 1940s throughout the restaurant.

What was the theme of your wedding?

I wanted my wedding to be small, intimate, simple, yet unique, and not a typical Vegas wedding. Starting with the dress, I did not want a cookie cutter, huge, poofy strapless gown that everyone wears. I chose a silk, halter Vera Wang gown, that had a vintage/bohemian look to it. I wanted to look like an old movie star. I wore real white orchids in my hair and styled it down. Sandals that looked like they came from India with little jewels on them completed the look. I wanted to be comfortable and definitely not fussy. The wedding was black tie, and everyone that attended looked fantastic and really classy. The ceremony was held outside on their patio amidst canopies, Moroccan style lanterns, and beautiful green trees with lilies draped on the branches. The room where we had our reception backed up to the wine cellar of the restaurant which was very cool and different.

What was the inspiration for décor?

Vintner Grill’s décor inspired our wedding. It has a great style that’s classic, yet modern, and it was perfect for our vintage/classic theme. The colors of the restaurant were also the colors of the wedding; black, white, and spring green.

 Were there any unique, homemade or sentimental components to your day?

During our ceremony, I had our officiant read a lovely passage from one of my favorite books of all time, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. As my “something old,” I had our florist wrap a piece of my mother’s gown around my bouquet to hold it together. That definitely held sentimental value to me.

 What is the most favorite memory or special moment from the day?

When my husband saw me walk down the aisle, he hadn’t seen me yet in my gown and was totally surprised. Laura Graves, our photographer, was able to capture that moment on film. In fact, our whole photo session after the ceremony was also my favorite part of our wedding. She made us feel comfortable and really did such a fantastic job taking pictures that we wanted. Also, just having our very close family and friends there was such a joy. Having both of my grandmothers see me get married was very special.

Advice to brides

Don’t get too wrapped-up in all of the wedding chaos and really remember that your wedding is a day to celebrate the love you share with your significant other amongst your friends and family. I personally believe most brides put too much superficial importance and effort into one day that will go by so fast, and not on the marriage as a whole. I know people always say this has to be the most perfect, most wonderful day of your life, but things can and will go wrong, and it is better to just roll with the punches and focus your attention on the years you will spend in marriage with your partner.

For brides that want to get married in Vegas, I suggest that they look beyond the strip and check out other venues they may have not considered before. There are many natural, beautiful places that are just as nice as a hotel on the strip. Be adventurous and different!

Special thanks to Top Banana Photography for the beautiful images!

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